Cabbage, 2017
Goose Creek, 2017
Utility, 2017
25Susan Brady
Vigorous Authority, 2015
Creased Slacks, 2015
Cascade, 2015
Luncheon, 2015
Abbreviation, 2015
Rash Upending, 2015
Horse assemblages
Humidity Swings, 2015
Round and Round, 2015
Rash Upending, 2015
Spring Onion, 2015
Fossil Orbit, Humidity Swings, 2015
Ratchet, 2015
Horse assemblages
Network of Tunnels, 2015

Photos: Lia Roozendaal

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Rash Upending, 2015

Mixed media assemblage: wood, metal, plastic. 8"l x 9"w x 9"h